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WINNER of the 2016 CAL Fiction Award

WINNER of the 2016 Catholic Press Association Novel Award

In this sweeping, heart-wrenching, and inspiring tale, twin sisters separated at birth reconnect through art, faith, and a father who touched the world through his paintings.

Fast moving yet philosophical, Weiler’s story poses many questions about family, religion, art, and the creative process through Dorie’s awakening... This fascinating debut novel offers a view into the world of cloistered nuns that shows their dedication, humor, and stern kindness.

-Library Journal

If Contrition isn’t an original American story, I’ve never read one.

—Erika Krouse, author of
Contenders and Come Up and See Me Sometime

An intriguing novel about secrets and silences kept on both sides of the cloister wall. 

—Jane Christmas, author of
And Then There Were Nuns